Chamunda Devi Travel Guide

Apart from hill stations and natural wonders, Himachal Pradesh has a religious significance as well that always attract thousands of devotees from across the country and worldwide. As far as religious places and shrines are concerned, Himachal Pradesh has its own importance. The state is also famous for temples of goddesses. Jwala Ji, Chintpurni, Naina Devi, Kangra Devi, etc are names a few of the famous and most sacred temples in India.

Among the famous destinations, name of Chamunda Devi Temple also comes. Located at an altitude of 1000 meter above sea level, the temple is recorded in the Durga Sapt-Shati. According to the history and the religious significance, the story goes that on the orders of Shamb and Ni-Shamb (two demons tried to harass the goddess Ambika). Infuriated, Ambika knitted her brows and from the folds a sickening from of Kali surfaced. After a great combat, the goddess Kali slew the two demons, Chand and Mund. Elated by Kali's accomplishment, Ambika confirmed that she would now be worshipped here as Chamunda an amalgamation of the demons names. Chamunda Devi temple is at height of 1000m.

When it comes to reach Chamunda Devi Temple, it is well accessible from all modes of transportation. Gaggle at the distance of 28 km, is the closest airport. Moranda is the nearest railway station at Narrow gauge line to reach Chamunda Devi Temple. The temple is at the distance of 15 km from Dharmshala and 55 km from Jwalamukhi Temple.

During your tour to Chamunda Devi, you will also see some wonderful attractions that include Palampur (14 km.), Baijnath (30 km), Andretta (26 km), Tashijong Monastery (25 km) and Bir (38 km) and the list goes on.

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