Dances in Himachal

Folk songs and folk dance are different in forms as per the state and every song and dance form has its own importance and meaning that describes either the rich history or culture. Himachal Pradesh is also known for its folk dances and songs that are performed by local artists and people.

Himachali dance structures are exceedingly wide-ranging and quite intricate. These dances are very vital part of the tribal life and you can see locals enjoying them on different occasions and events in their own way and with joy and pleasure unlimited. Such dances do nothing, but are a sign of the culture and the tradition of Himachal. Almost not any celebration here is distinguished without dancing and folk songs. There are different types of dance forms that are enjoyed by local people. Some of the very common dance forms include Dulshol, Dharveshi, Drodi, Dev Naritya, Rakshas Nritya, Dangi, Lasa, Nati and Nagas are danced all over the region.

Not forget to mention the Mala or Garland dance that is one of the most popular one in the state in which dancers are dressed in their traditional finery; while weave their arms together to form a sort of a criss cross pattern to appear like beads in a woven garland. Chhang or the rice brew is drunk commonly before starting the dance.

Demon or Rakhsasa dance is also very popular celebrated in Kinnaur and surrounding areas. Dalshone and Cholamba Dance, Shan and Shabu dance, Keekali and Bhangra are also very famous dance forms enjoyed by people in the state.

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