Himachal STD Codes

Tourists who visit different places receives some sweet memories of the destination and prefer to get the contact details of selected people from there or often they want to give a call to their desired destination for hotel booking and for other purpose through landline numbers. As the state has different hill stations and cities that have their own STD codes to add and make a call over landline numbers. If you are looking for the STD codes of your desired destination, we have come up with the details. Main hill stations and cities of the state include Amb, Arki, Banjar, Bharmour, Bilaspur, Chamba, Churah, Dehra Gopipur, Hamirpur, Jogindernagar, Kalpa, Kangra, Kullu, Lahul, Mandi, Nahan, Nalagarh and Nirmand.

In addition, Nurpur, Palampur, Pangi, Paonta, Pooh, Ragarh, Rampur- Bushahar, Rohru, Shimla, Solan, Spiti, Sundernagar, Theoq, Udaipur and Una are also other cities and hill stations in the state that have different STD Codes.
Here are the STD Codes city and hill station wise.
AMB – 01976, Arki – 01796, Banjar – 01903, Bharmour – 01895
Bilaspur – 01978, Chamba – 01899, Churah – 01896, Dehra Gopipur – 01970
Hamirpur – 01972, Jogindernagar – 01908, Kalpa – 01786, Kangra – 01892
Kullu – 01902, Lahul – 01900, Mandi – 01905, Nahan – 01702
Nalagarh – 01795, Nirmand – 01904, Nurpur – 01893, Palampur – o1894
Pangi – 01897, Paonta – 01704, Pooh – 01785, Rajgarh – 01799
Rampur Bushahar – 01782, Rohru – 01781, Shimla – 0177
Solan – 01792, Spiti – 01906, Sundernagar – 01907, Theog – 01783
Udaipur – 01909, Una – 01975

You can easily search for the right STD codes according to your desired destination. We provide you proper details with STD codes and map of the city so that you can easily find the best one accordingly. Our main motive is to bring you the best and easy ways that can help you to make your tour comfortable and let you feel as if you know the details of every destination.