Museums in Himachal

The beautiful hill station is a home to wonderful hill stations, flower filled valleys, shrines and natural wonders. Not forget to mention the prehistoric architectural wonders that have a charisma of their own to keep one enticed and spell bound for the time to come.

Himachal Pradesh is also famous for some amazing and wonderful museums in the state. Shimla State Museum is also one of them famous located atop a hill in the typical colonial buildings. It is famous for ancient historical sculptures, paintings, coins, photos and numerous other items from all over the state as well as outside it. Pahari miniature paintings are famous of all them. The Museum is open flanked by 10 am to 1.30 pm and then from 2 to 5 pm every day apart from Mondays and second Saturday of every month.

Kangra Art Gallery is also another famous museum in Himachal Pradesh located in the main shopping centre of Dhramshala. It is also famous for sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Not forget to mention the woodcarvings and jewelleries of the tribal people along with shamianas used by the local royalty, jali's, pandals and lintels.

Bhuri Singh Museum is another famous museum named after the ruler of Chamba. Here, you will see the family paintings of Bhuri Singh, embroidered Chamba rumaals, coins, hill jewellery and costumes- both traditional and royal, arms and armour, musical instruments and numerous decorative objects.

Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery in Naggar in Kullu I another famous museum and art gallery named after Russian who settled down in the city. Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum is also famous very close to Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery. It houses a pretty decent collection of local folk art, costumes, Roerich paintings and paintings by his Russian disciples.

Library of Tibetan Work and Archives in Mc Leodganj in Dharmshala is another famous museum to visit. It houses 80,000 manuscripts, books and documents, hundreds of thangkas, statues and other artifacts, 6,000 photographs and other materials. Sobha Singh Art Gallery is also famous museum.

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