Wildlife in Himachal

Apart from snow-capped mountain ranges and deep valleys, Himachal Pradesh is also known for wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife sanctuaries and forests in Himachal Pradesh cover more than 37691 square kilometer of area. There have been various projects containing the establishment of protected areas such as National Parks, designed to preserve and expand the forests. Rich flora and fauna surely draw the attention of tourists from across the world and give a better opportunity to wildlife tour enthusiasts to explore the real charm of the state.

Tropical vegetation in the state includes cedar, oak, pine, alder, birch, spruce, Ferns, grasses, wild flowers and flowering rhododendron. The beautiful and vast expanded wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are also home of Partridges, patient kites, and ibex, antelopes, deer, bears, rare Bharal, Thar and snow leopard. In simple words, there are total 32 wildlife sanctuaries, 2 national parks and 3 game reserves in Himachal Pradesh that have a charisma of their own to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come.
Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Himachal Pradesh
You will find numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh that are sure to keep you enticed and make your dream come true for having fun and pleasure. Some of the famous sanctuaries and national parks include Great Himalayan National Park, Pin Valley National Park, Bandli Wildlife sanctuary, Churdhar wildlife sanctuary, Chail wildlife sanctuary, Daranghati wildlife sanctuary and Darlaghat wildlife sanctuary, Dhauladhar wildlife sanctuary, Gamgul Siahbehi Wildlife sanctuary and Govind Sagar wildlife sanctuary.

Apart from these aforementioned names, there are numerous others like Kais wildlife sanctuary, Kalatop Khajjar wildlife sanctuary, Kanwar wildlife sanctuary, Khokhan Wildlife sanctuary, Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, Kugti Wildlife sanctuary, Kippa Asrang Wildlife sanctuary, Maharana Pratap Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary and Majthal Wildlife Sanctuary. Not forget to mention Sangla Wildlife sanctuary, Shimla Water Catchment wildlife sanctuary, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Naina Devi Wildlife Sanctuary and Sechu Tuan Nala Wildlife Sanctuary.

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