Jawalamukhi Travel Guide

Jwalamukhi – one of the religious tourist places in the state of Himachal Pradesh, has been a hot favorite tourist places where Hindus and the followers of Goddesses from across the county comes to pay homage to the Adishakti – the First Shakti.

It has a religious significance. It is said that once demons lorded over the Himalayan Mountains and harassed the gods. Later Gods decided to destroy demons in the leadership of Lord Vishnu. They focused on their strength in a huge flame rose from the earth. According to epics, a young girl took birth from the fire and known as Adishakti. She was also called as Sati and grew up in the house of Prajapati Daksha. She married Lord Shiva.

Once King Prajapati Daksha insulted Lord Shival by did not inviting him in a Yagya; thus feeling it an insult, she killed herself. Lord Shiva holds the dead body of Sati and began stalking three worlds. The other gods trembled prior to his wrath and appealed Lord Vishnu for help. He through his Chakra cut the whole body into pieces. Sati’s tongue fall at Jwalaji in Himachal Pradesh that turned into tiny flame burning flawlessly blue though fissures in the age-old rock. It is also counted as the Pandavas also visited the place.

Today, Jwalaji is the holy shrine in the state worshipped by Hindu devotees. For devotees, exploring Chintpurni, Naina Devi and Jwalaji in the same time is the right decision. With an aim to make your holidays memorable and full of fun in Jwalaji, we at Himachal Tourism Guide offer attractive tour packages. Our tour package will go well your budget and requirement. Through these tour packages we also cover other prime destinations. Our Jwalaji holiday packages include pick and drop, sightseeing, accommodation and a lot more to keep you enticed and let you feel a home like environment.