Manikaran Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh is known for numerous wonderful destinations that are sure to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come. There are numerous wonderful attractions that always draw the attention of tourists from across the world. Among some of the famous destinations, name of Manikaran comes on the top. Located on the right bank of Parvati River at an altitude of 1737 above sea level, it is famous for hot sulphur springs that are revered by both Hindus and Sikh pilgrims. Every year, a considerable number of tourists visit Manikaran to take a dip in holy water in Manikaran. Not forget to mention the curative value of the water that is known for curing skin diseases to a great level. It has a religious significance that Manikaran is also connected with Lord Shiva and his divine concert Parvati.

There are numerous wonderful tourist places to visit in and around Manikaran that have a charisma of their own. Pulga – a beautiful and challenging trek from Kasol to Pulga has been covering the distance of 16 km by climbing a nearly 1600 meters.

Khirganga is also another famous place that is well known for its hot springs. Its water also contains medicinal properties. Khirganga is also witnessing the proximity of Mantalai that is a scenic spot. Chandrakhani pass is also another must see destination during your holidays in Manikaran. Not forget to mention Malana Village and Shoja. There are numerous natural wonders to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come.

When it comes to reach Manikaran, it is well accessible from Kullu. The distance between Manikaran and Kullu is 45 km.

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