Pori Festival, Lahaul

Himachal Pradesh, the land of hill stations and natural beauty, is also famous for its fairs and festivals that are celebrated with grand joyous and celebrations. Among some of the famous festivals and fairs that are celebrated in a memorable way, the Pori Festival of the Lahaul valley comes on the top. It is celebrated on the holy day a proper tradition of worshipping Lord Trilokinath and it has been followed since ages. Pori Festival in Lahaul is distinguished in the conventional way at the temple of Trilokinath. The festival starts with bathing of the statue of the lord with milk and yogurt and then at about ten o' clock in the morning a crowd of people goes around the temple beating drums and blowing conch shells and bugles with enjoyment and smile on faces. Not forget to mention the horse that is also taken round the temple.

A butter lamp is lighted up and it burns all day and night during the Pori Festival in Lahaul. The followers add butter to the lamp. The light of the lamp points out the attendance of the God. The followers place in more butter to it as they come and accept the rite Prasad of bright oddments of material with deep respect. A march with a horse is carried out and it is supposed that God rides on the back of the mount and showers His approval upon the devotees.

After the end of the march, the mass together with the horse goes to the fortress of the limited ruler where the horse is given a magnificent welcome. The horse upon entrance is bathed in sweet water and is obtainable with healthy food. The king then rides the horse and visits the fairground which is scattered all over with small shops. There is a lot more in the festival that will surely keep one enticed and spell bound.

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