Rampur Travel Guide

Being one of the ideal and must see destination during your holidays in Himachal Pradesh, Rampur is one also one of the largest commercial townships in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Located on the left bank of Sutlej River, it was once the main center of old trade route to Kinnaur, Tibet, Ladakh and China. Not forget to mention its popularity for Lavi Fair that is an international fair organized in the month of November. Faag Mela is also another famous fair organized in the month of March.

The beautiful hill town is also known for some amazing attractions that have a charisma of their own. Some of the attractive places include Rampur Town at an altitude of 924 meter above sea level. The beautiful town is known for various attractions ranging from Hindu pilgrimages to Buddhist Shrines. Ragunath Temple, the Ayodhya Temple, The Narsingh Temple, Dumgir Budh Temple, etc are names a few that are the popular attractions here. Padam Palace is also a must see destination during your holidays in Rampur.

Dutt Nagar is also another interesting place at the distance of 12 km on the left bank of Sutlej Rivers derived it name from the ancient Temple of God Dattreya. Nirath is also another place to explore during your holidays in Rampur. It is famous for ancient sun temple that is built in Nagara style.

Rampur is at the distance of 134 km from Shimla at NH 22 – connected well via buses and taxis.

Best time to visit Rampur depends on your choice and budget. In winter, the temperature can drop below freezing point when heavy woolens are required. In summer the temperature rises up to 40 degrees.

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