Sarahan Travel Guide

Located at an altitude of 2165 meter above sea level, Saharan is another wonderful destination to explore near Rampur during your holidays in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful town is at halfway up a high mountain side; while the road to Sarahan storms past peak Pine trees that give way to stately Oaks. Dozens of small streams rush past making it an ideal destination to explore during your holidays. Not forget to mention the fields and orchards – surrounds the small villages with slate roofed houses, make up pictures of rural perfection.

During your trip to Saharan, you will visit deodar trees ride the slopes and higher still, encircling the Bashal peak. They are trees of smooth birch and mixture of wild flowers and exceptional medicinal herbs. This sparingly colonized tract is vertical in ancient legends and here is the famous Bhimakali temple looks upon as one of the Fifty One sacred Shaktipeethhs.

Unusual architecture and wealth of carvings in this temple have made it a splendid example of what is insecurely called the Indo-Tibetan style. Deep down the passage flows the river Sutlej and across lies the snow-clad Shrikhand peak.

During your Saharan tour, you will also explore numerous wonderful destinations that have a charisma of their own to keep one enticed and spell bound. Some of the famous places include Bhimakali Temple Complex that is multistoried structured architectural wonder – a fusion of Hindu and Buddhist Architecture. This temple complex consists of other temples such as Narsingh shrine of Bhairon and Lord Raghunath.

Apart from this, Bird Park, Bhaba Valley are also the must see destinations to Saharan. During your holidays in Saharan, you will also experience the rural life here. Reaching here is also easy as the nearest airport and railways station is in Shimla. From Shimla, you can take taxi or bus to reach Saharan.

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